Reclaiming Our Ability to Communicate with The Green World

April Thanhauser
& Suzanne Harding

Saturday May 4th and Sunday May 5th

Fee: $180 for two days. Additional $50 per night for basic overnight (includes light dinner and breakfast).
Register early! Limited overnight accommodations

To register email april at or call: 508 693 9912

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April Thanhauser

April Thanhauser

April Thanhauser, MS CRT practices reflexology and Plant Spirit Healing on Martha’s Vineyard and leads workshops in Plant Spirit Communication.  [br] [br] April’s work welcomes the creative impulse in each of us. She is a gifted storyteller, and skilled crafts-woman who has launched celebratory community festivals. A long-time student of world religions and a cherag (minister) in the Sufi Order, she is a maker of ceremonies to honor the divine in nature and in us all. She is committed to re-envisioning and re-enlivening sacred ceremony in concert with the Green World. [br] [br] During her many years as a special education and preschool teacher, April sought to nourish the bond between children and the magical world of nature. She helped to found the Plum Hill School on Martha’s Vineyard and continues to bring the therapeutic influence of puppetry and fairy tales to families through “Spindrift Marionettes”. [br] [br] After accompanying her spouse through his cancer journey and death, she has rededicated herself to a healing vocation. She trained in the curative arts of reflexology and Plant Spirit Healing. During the course of her PSH apprenticeship, she discovered a deep connection with the sacredness of water and a special affinity for the practice of plant spirit bathing. This lead her to further studies in spiritual healing with Rosita Arvigo, whose healing ritual of plant bathing derives from the teachings of Mayan elders. [br] [br] Recognizing that true healing means connecting with our vital source and reviving our relationship with the nature beings, April treasures the methods of Plant Spirit Healing developed by Pam Montgomery. She joyfully shares these ways of attuning with the plant world in her workshops on Communing with Plants and Trees. On Martha’s Vineyard, the workshops run in connection with Spirit Water Institute (
Suzanne Harding
I started my spiritual journey at a young age by exploring my connection with spirit through the natural world. My path led me to a shamanic path of discovering alternate realities to find wisdom, power and healing. [br][br] I studied the Vision Quest model and deepened my connection to nature and the divine through fasting and solitude in the desert and forest. My teacher and guide was Beth Beurkens. I participated in 3 quests which were very powerful for my self-development. [br][br] In my awe and connection to the plants I studied Western Herbalism with Rosemary Gladstar. I became certified as a community herbalist and later followed my knowing and began to study Plant Spirit Healing with Pam Montgomery. Through my Plant Spirit Healing experiences I found that spirit surrounds us, talks with us and heals us through the plants. I also found that I was connected to all beings, animate and inanimate, and I awoke from the dream of separateness. [br][br] I have always been an artist and like to have and make tangible “things”, to assist me in my process of self-discovery. I believe that creativity and the imagination are the biggest tools we have as human beings. [br][br] I was drawn to Reiki because I felt a need to connect with people through touch. What I found was that Reiki is a very powerful tool to offer others as well as for my own self-healing. Reiki became an ally and continues to unfold its many healing secrets. I studied with Haleya Priest and continued my studies to become a Reiki Master. I now combine several modalities and consider my private practice Shamanic Reiki, as it builds on the Usui Reiki by bringing in the healing power of plants, weather, animals, and helping spirits.[br][br] My mission is to provide tools and experiences to further your self-discovery and connection to spirit. I do this by guiding you to connect with your inner knowing and power by being in nature in a deeper way, experiencing the universal healing energy, and coming into truth, purpose and light.”